I’m a philosopher with a background in the social sciences and research interests in foundational questions about the ‘social mind’



I am currently the Project Manager of The Human Mind Project at the School of Advanced Study in the University of London

What I am up to

Busy managing the transition of The Human Mind Project into the next phase: new website, new staff, upcoming event on Collective Intelligence in partnership with Nesta. Also, gave a few interviews on occasion of Social Change in the Brain Age. Here’s one (in Italian).

I’m lecturing on non-reductionist approaches to social cognition in an Autumn School on the Baltic sea (Oct 12). There’s a CfP for PhDs and postdocs: here‘s the flyer.

Writing up my commentary on Brian Epstein’s The Ant Trap and a few other things.


Book Cover


Perspectives on Social Ontology and Social Cognition was released in July 2014 (Amazon.UK and Amazon.com). Paul Roth reviews it in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.