I’m the Project Coordinator of The Human Mind Project at the University of London.


The first of the central academic initiatives of the School of Advanced Study in London, The Human Mind Project aims at highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to understanding the mind across science and the humanities.


I am currently based in the Institute of Philosophy, where I carry out research in the philosophy of mind and society with a focus on theories of collective intentionality in social ontology and social cognition.


What I am up to

Book Cover    

Perspectives on Social Ontology and Social Cognition has just been released by Springer. Just click on the image to read the flyer, and here is the page on Amazon (UK).



The Human Mind Project sponsors a symposium on “Theory of Mind and the Social Mind” at the next meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESSP). Invited speakers include Rita Astuti (LSE), Mina Cikara (Harvard) and Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod Institute, Paris).

This summer, I’m speaking about shared intentionality and social cognition at the TESIS conference on Instituting Minds in London, introducing and chairing a symposium on “Socially Extended Minds” as part of Collective Intentionality IX at Indiana University, and then the symposium of The Human Mind Project at the ESPP. I’m also organising a research workshop on the we-mode with philosophers and scientists.

In the late summer, I’ll be visiting the Interacting Minds Center in Denmark for a few weeks.